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The Elna Foundation

On November 10, 2016 the Elna Foundation was admitted as an association associated with Dincat Federació.

The Elna Foundation was born in 2013 and aims to respond to the concerns and needs, outside the workplace, of people with Intellectual and Development Disabilities (IDD) who need intermittent support. Its scope of action is mainly Catalonia and especially the area of Girona. However, it can perform its activities act in the rest of the country's territory as well as on an international scale.

Its Statutes describe its foundational aims and activities.

The Statutes describe the foundational purposes and activities of the organisation. We highlight the following aspects:

Elna addresses the needs of young people and adults from 16 years old and older, with respect to health and the prevention of diseases in which this particular group has a greater prevalence than the general population.

It also wishes to respond to the flagrant need of housing and to accompany the process of independence of these youngsters from their parents at a reasonable age and  to ensure that this change becomes a comfortable and untraumatic process for all family members.

Also, it aims to looking after the family to face the future of their child with IDD; or when they undergo a mourning situation linked to a loss or death.

At the same time the Elna Foundation understands that,  within a project of dignified life, experiences are also linked to culture and leisure, and because of that it offers innovative projects in this area.

The philosophy of the foundation is based on encouraging people with minor and moderate intellectual disabilities to be considered as what they are by civil society, ie young people and adults in all aspects of their lives, according to their age and in this way break away with the idea that still percieves them as eternal children.

We want a decent life for these citizens, the same that most of us wish for ourselves. We run away from demagogy, from great speeches, from unfailing projects, and we focus on everyday life, in their everyday lives.

The foundation's main lines of work can be found, in detail, in the What is DID? and Projects sections.