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Adapted psychomotricity (Body-fit) at the Elna Foundation

Adapted psychomotricity (Body-fit) is aimed at:

  • Improve basic physical skills directly related to cardiovascular and osteo-muscular health (strength, strength and flexibility), and
  • To favour an improvement of the motor development through the work of the body scheme, the basic motor skills not reached at the corresponding age, and the perceptive-motor skills to facilitate the perception of oneself in the environment and to know their own movement possibilities.
Millorar les capacitats físiques bàsiques directament relacionades amb la salut cardiovascular i osteo-muscular (resistència, força i flexibilitat)
Afavorir una millora del desenvolupament motor a partir del treball de l’esquema corporal, les habilitats motrius bàsiques no assolides en l’edat corresponent, i les capacitats perceptivo-motrius per a facilitar la percepció d’un mateix en l’entorn i conèixer les pròpies possibilitats del moviment.
People with IFD have remarkable deficiencies in these areas that influence in a specific way their daily lives, and that is why the practise of this sport is aimed at working  precisely with these skills that are so important in their daily tasks.