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Hydrotherapy at the Elna Foundation

85% of people with intellectual functional diversity have ligament hyperlaxity, muscular hypertonia and sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass), which cause a higher risk of developing serious back disorders or problems in the bones, joints and muscles.
El 85% de persones amb diversitat funcional intel·lectual presenten hiperlaxitud lligamentosa, hipertonia muscular i sarcopènia (pèrdua de massa muscular), i això comporta un risc més alt de desenvolupar patologies greus d’esquena o problemes als ossos, articulacions i músculs de l’organisme.
When we work in the water we have the feeling that our body weighs less. This allows the participants in this activity to perform various movements with less stress to their muscles and ligaments.

Considering the prevalence of developing spinal disorders; such as scoliosis or lumbar hyperlordosis, these characteristics will allow to perform muscular strength and flexibility work with a remarkable reduction of the intervertebral pressure, in order to perform a preventive work of these pathologies.

Thus, the physical properties of water allow to perform the exercises more easily and with greater joint mobility compared to the terrestrial environment. On the other hand, the water will allow to perform a cardiovascular work focusing on body weight and blood pressure, which will prevent the appearance of cardiovascular risk factors such as type II diabetes mellitus or dyslipidemia.

Vídeos hidroteràpia 2017

Vídeo Aiguagim 2015 (3 min.)


Versió completa del vídeo d'aiguagim  (12:40 min.)

Resum del Pla d’actuació 2019

Hidroteràpia ( Aquagim adaptat): 

  • Tres grups
  • Instal·lacions: Centre esportiu Wellness O2 de Girona
  • Professionals d’atenció directa: dos per grup