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Elna Housing 

Elna Autonomy Support Service Project 

Registered in the registry of Entities, Services and Social Establishments of the Department of Social Welfare and Family of the Generalitat de Catalunya, with registration number S08978. "A quality life is a shared life"  Robert L. Schalock

We make meaningful, functional and healthy learning:

  • Accompanying and facilitating the life project itself.

  • Supporting families towards the path of independence of their son or daughter.

  • Working life in community.

A home to work personal autonomy, planning and coexistence.
Project A right foundation for any person is a worthy home. Housing is the place from which people can organize our lives, and what makes support of other rights such as health, education, security and privacy.   The Elna Foundation works so that young people and adults with intermittent and limited need for support have enough autonomy to develop their own life project and participate in equal rights and duties within the community. That is why we want to respond to the flagrant need for housing for all of them, offering them homes located in Girona and the Gironès region. Elna understands that we must undertake an urgent and inajornable change regarding this issue, which is why she works to: Provide housing of a maximum of four people of similar age, to live independently with the necessary supports depending on the level of personal autonomy of each one. Guarantee the right to privacy, to a private life, and to develop its independence project under an approach based on non-institutionalization and dignified coexistence. Adaptation to live fully independent will be based on two very different proposals from the Elna Foundation: A) A staggered and flexible itinerary that includes a three-phase process: Phase 1: Stays of short duration (3-8 days) working on coexistence and functionality. At the same time, the behaviors that need to be reoriented will be observed. Phase 2: Stays of an average duration (15 days a month) The goals to work in this phase are functional and above all emotional. This emotional accompaniment is very present in order to work and enhance conflict resolution, mediation of agreements and the identification of personal feelings and to be able to express them. The work and the loyalty of functional and daily learning is maintained daily. It is also in this period where we will finish defining the abilities and supports that each person needs to improve their own autonomy. Respecting your personal privacy continues to be one of the values ​​par excellence of the foundation. At the same time, work is done with the families participating in this project (in the form of seminars) to accompany, listen and be able to support the process on the path to the adult life of your child. Phase 3: Incorporation into the home. Culmination phase, to listen to the desires and priorities of the person and the family. The stipulated phases will be flexible and will be taken care of so that the path towards full autonomy is progressive and adjusted to the needs of each person and family. B) A home to work autonomy and self-determination: In this proposal, the project responds to the boys and girls that, at the moment they are living, need to work their autonomy from highest to lowest support. Thus the incorporation into the home is fast. In this case, they initiate the process in reverse order above. Until now, the foundation has a house with two places where the autonomy is also worked staggered. Initially, the support these young people receive is extensive, as they coexist with a professional who is responsible for doing these work with them, and gradually reducing their support to living alone with the support of a professional only a few hours a day. Pilot project Before initiating the project itself, pilot tests were carried out in the first phase of this project involving 12 boys and girls aged between 19 and 28 years old. They were weekend stays where they learned how to organize, cook, buy, clean, the value of money and how to live and reach agreements. They were groups of four people who decided to start learning to live alone, with the approval of their families. Van are accompanied by a professional from Elna with expertise in this field. The assessment of both the professionals and the participants themselves and their families was very satisfactory and the first phase of the project with 9 boys and girls is already underway.

EL NOSTRE PIS MÉS QUE UN PIS: un dia qualsevol del mes de juny del 2019!
  • Com cada mati ens hem aixecat amb cara de son i cadascun hem anat a la nostra feina. 
  • Avui hem treballat com cada dia, hem passat calor com tothom, i després de dinar hem decidit entre tots que la tarda no seria com cada dia i hem passat una boníssima estona a la bolera de Girona.
  • Que millor que aprofitar un mega-regal que ens ha fet l'Eduard !!!! Entrades per fer una partida de bolos GRATUÏTA !! 
  • L'Eduard ve al nostre pis una estona cada  dimarts, ens ajuda un munt, però sobretot ens estima i és un acompanyant molt simpàtic i divertit !!!!!!

Resum del Pla d’actuació 2019

Primera fase.

Hi van participar 12 nois i noies d'entre 19 i 30 anys (2014). Aquesta fase es va ubicar al poble de Begur, on es van continuar duent a terme estades de cap de setmana (tres dies, dues nits), estades de quatre dies i tres nits i estades de vuit dies i set nits progresivament. L'objectiu és desenvolupar-se de manera autònoma, a organitzar-se, a cuinar, a anar a comprar, a netejar, a conèixer el valor dels diners i a conviure i arribar a acords. En aquestes estades, conviuen un grup de màxim de quatre persones que han decidit començar a aprendre a viure sols, amb el vist-i-plau de les seves famílies, i estan acompanyades per una professional d’Elna amb expertesa en aquestes qüestions. 

Segona Fase

En aquest moment tenim un habitatge  ubicat a la ciutat de Girona.
Quinze dies conviuen 5 noies i els altres 15 dies 4 nois.  Els resultats són molt satisfactoris.
Aquest 2019 es treballarà per aconseguir un habitatge nou per tal que els  nois i noies ja visquin contínuament al seu propi habitatge.

Tercera Fase

Aquest pas de quinze dies a un mes implicarà donar un acompanyament, molt pensat per als pares i mares d’aquests joves. Cada família rebrà com a mínim una sessió trimestral que es pot augmentar si el cas ho requereix.