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Board of trustees of the Elna Foundation

We are working hard to ensure that, in everyone's minds, fundamental rights of people with IFD are equal to those of the rest of citizens in the civil society.

The foundation is supervised by a Board of Trustees whose main functions are:

  • Watching over the compliance of the mission and purposes of the foundation set up in its Statutes and assuring its sustainability.

  • Guiding and watching over the compliance of the foundation Strategic Plan, as well as its core values  and ethical code.

  • Helping the foundation and offering advice on fundraising, institutional representation and external relations, by providing any contacts of interest.

The present Board of Trustees is formed by the founder persons of the Foundation. The Statutes of the Foundation establish renewing the Board of Trustees every five years as from the appointment of each of its members, and all of them may be reappointed for an unlimited period of time.

Each member of the present Board of Trustees accepted their appointment on 19 June 2013 as member of the Board of Trustees of the Elna Foundation for Functional Diversity.